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The first phone for a child. What to choose - prepaid or postpaid?

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There comes a day in every parent's life when their child asks for the first mobile phone. The question arises: which phone will be the best for the child - a subscription or a prepaid one? We suggest.

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The world of mobility is tempting not only for adults. According to the report "My first device" prepared for the company Semantec, children value time spent in front of a phone screen more than sweets and playing outside. We do not live in a vacuum and it is simply impossible to escape from modern technology. What will be the best phone offer for children?

What prepaid offer is best for a child?

Phone subscription or prepaid? These questions are probably asked by every parent who plans to buy the first phone for their child and at the same time wants to take advantage of the best offer. In fact, it is quite a challenge! We leave aside here the situations when the smartphone comes into the hands of the youngest "inherited" from parents or older siblings who have just bought themselves a newer model. In the case of a new copy of both solutions have their pros and cons - it depends not only on the expectations of children, but above all on the financial capabilities of parents.

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What to decide on? The rule is simple. When buying the first phone it is not worth to spoil the child at the beginning. Getting a young person used to the fact that "something" is unlimited is not the best way. After all, adults will be responsible for paying the monthly bills. Therefore, the option of a subscription, at least at first, you should also exclude.

Ideal phone for a child - what kind of phone?

Modern parenting is not the easiest of tasks - this is a fact. Just as in the past care was taken to ensure that children eat a healthy diet, go to bed early and do their homework on time - now there is also the technological factor. Which smartphone should you choose to ensure your child's safe use, as well as restful sleep and mental health?

Certainly it must be a copy of a solid and durable - so that in the hands of a young person can survive more than one strong "contact" with the ground. It does not have to be equipped with many "trinkets", because it will be the most "sophisticated" device for a young person. The most important issue for a child will be the availability of games in a given model. Caring for proper educational development, the aspect of games of logic and skill can even be considered a priority. Therefore, the ideal smartphone for children and teenagers seem to be Samsung Galaxy models: A7, S8 or S9. These are some of the best contemporary models for the moderately demanding. Any parent will appreciate their decent performance. Besides, they offer everything that is most important in a phone - accurate GPS, good camera, powerful processor and smart security with face recognition or iris scanning.

Kids will also like the Xiaomi models. Affordable, with smart and fast unlocking are characterized by great ease of use. And most importantly - android "cack" have a parental lock option in the phone. Thanks to this a novice phone user will not be able to accidentally or unknowingly delete valuable applications, install unwanted programs and finally - websites with undesirable content for children will simply be blocked.

And last but not least - in order to keep the smartphone's beautiful "packaging" for a long time, don't forget to buy a protective case and a film for the display! This will make playing football with your smartphone in your pocket or even building sand bunkers much safer for your device!

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